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Contemplating New Build vs. Fully Renovated Home?  Let us show you the possibilities of what JSF Design can do with an old dated existing floor plan and turn it into a lifestyle.


JSF Homes is a division that focuses on purchasing dated and neglected homes. With the focus on delivering homes that meet todays lifestyle. A JSF Home will deliver all the amenities, if not more, than you would find in most new builds today. With the focus on renovating in an established neighborhood, you avoid messy new build construction around you, allowing a quicker move in date than a new build.

JSF Homes focuses on developing world-class designs while using eco friendly materials that are sustainable in a desert climate. Our modern designs are complex and unique and embrace the surrounding Sonoran landscape. The use of organic materials throughout these homes is both responsible and and embodies the essence of living well. 

Loving Tree
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